Slide Simplicit is the ii Key to Brilliance. Reimagine projects with the all new LineLED (LL) series from Luminii,
including brilliant White, High Efficacy, RGB, RGB-W and Warm Dim LED strip lights.
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Slide WITH PURIFII™ BY LUMINII GUV DISINFECTION SYSTEMS. Stay Occupied. CYLINDER PENDANT Leto 11 Leto 11 is a family of cylinder LED products designed for general lighting. It is the perfect fixture for creating even light throughout your space without distracting from your design.

Luminii has enhanced and refined its flagship LL Series. Legacy LL products are available while supplies last. Click here to view Legacy LL

The Luminii Family Brands

Discover products from all of our brands in one place. Finding the perfect Luminii product for your next project is easier than ever with our upgraded product search tool. Click one of the brand logos below and give it a try today.

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Make Yourself at HOM

Meet Luminii HŌM, our residential lighting product portfolio. Capture the comfort and ambience of five-star hotels within every bedroom, or deliver relaxing and spa-like experiences in every bathroom.

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Purifii AER Wall

Breathe Easy 24/7

With the Purifii Aer W Germicidal Lighting System – future proof your space today for a brighter tomorrow.

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Black Lens

Now you see it, now you don't

The Senso by Luminii Black Lens was designed to fit seamlessly into dark environments such as theatres or photography studios, but also can add a dramatic statements as a modern lighting installation.

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About Luminii

Our founding vision came to life with the development of superior architectural-grade linear products in 2010, establishing us as an industry-leading commercial lighting manufacturer of highly modifiable and beautifully crafted LED products and accessories.

Luminii’s unique approach to design and meticulous product construction is the cornerstone to delivering the very best lighting solutions to the market. We support our valued customers in realizing the full potential of light to make their spaces beautiful, experiential, and simply brilliant.

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