Mission & Values

Our Mission

Luminii is one of the fastest-growing, most trusted architectural lighting manufacturers in the industry. With a robust, highly innovative, solutions-driven portfolio that services every application across commercial and residential markets, Luminii has demonstrated that light matters in every application.

Luminii comes from a place of “Yes” That means our commitment to excellence in illumination is not constrained to innovation and product quality—being easy to do business with is Luminii. Our mission is clear. When you work with Luminii, the experience will be thoughtful, quick, transparent, and so EASY we’ll fast become your lighting manufacturer of choice. We are more committed than ever to these values, and we know that delivering an outstanding Luminii experience to customers ultimately drives meaningful results for the end-users of our products.

Technical Documentation

Luminii provides easy-to-follow spec sheets, detailed shop drawings, and IES files to customers.

Automation Enhancements

Luminii sends automated emails every step of the way— Automated order confirmations, ESD updates, tracking, packing lists, and invoices.

Simplified Quoting

Luminii takes the guesswork out of quoting with easy-to-read quotes, fast turnaround, and a high level of accuracy.

Fast Shipping

Experience Luminii’s quick shipping with FAST LANE for strip and extrusions or express by Luminii for LED strip light reels and more.

Job Site Simplification

Experience easy-to-identify labeling, install instructions, and shipping details supporting a productive and seamless job site experience.

Strong Supply Chain Systems

Luminii’s systems give us excellent visibility to supply and demand which aids in highly strategic forecasting and confidence to deliver.

Our Values

Luminii’s values revolve around putting the customer first. The customer experience that we provide must be on par with the level of our industry-leading products and technology.



  • Respect Our Employees, Customers, and Vendors
  • Commit to Outstanding Customer Service
  • Always Come from a Place of “Yes”
  • Welcome Change and New Challenges
  • Provide Prompt Responses and Decisions
  • Collaborate with a Trusting and Supportive Team
  • Embrace Innovation and Growth to Deliver More Value
  • Incorporate Integrity into Everything We Do