Luminii Supports Light Art Projects

Ready to elevate your next light art project? Creativity shouldn’t be limited by your lighting options. Luminii provides superior architectural lighting products, establishing us as an industry-leading commercial lighting and LED manufacturer of highly modifiable and beautifully crafted LED products and accessories.

Your next light art project deserves lighting options that support your creativity, not the other way around. Luminii’s customizable products are here to inspire your light art projects, helping you bring creative details to life. That’s why we design our lighting products to provide you with one-of-a-kind designs.

Our products have been used around the world, making Luminii the universal choice when it comes to your light art vision. At Luminii, we guarantee to help you achieve the creative vision of your next light art piece. We know what it means to be a creative visionary. You can trust us with your creativity. Our team of lighting experts has the same passion when it comes to successful lighting projects. 

We’ve designed Luminii to cater to artists in the lighting design community. We honor your creative passion and help curate the light art projects you envision. Our customized approach helps bring every lighting detail to life. From conception to installation, we’re helping our clients achieve their fullest potential. Let us be your visionary partner. Luminii will take care of all your lighting design needs, so you can focus on your creativity and continue inspiring the world with light.