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Chosen by Cambridge University, a beacon of academia, Precision by Luminii embarked on a sacred mission: to infuse modern lighting solutions into the hallowed halls of a historical edifice without compromising its integrity. The challenge? No lights on the walls or ceiling. The solution? Enter Precision by Luminii’s innovative lighting arsenal.

Precision by Luminii rose to the occasion, crafting sympathetic and flexible lighting solutions using energy-efficient technology. The star of the show? A freestanding track lighting system, a marriage of elegance and functionality, featuring Stucchi’s 48V Multisystem and Casambi-controlled lights, all impressively finished in matte black.

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to design a bespoke freestanding light to compliment and beautifully illuminate such a historic space in a world-renowned institution”. ~Kizzy Noon, Industrial Designer for Precision

Product Highlight: Stucchi’s 48V Multisystem
Renowned for excellence, Stucchi’s 48V Multisystem emerged as the hero, providing a safe, energy-efficient lighting solution for the institute. Its low-voltage design facilitated seamless installation and offered many options for lighting placement, all harmonizing effortlessly with the interior aesthetic.

Meet Solo: Versatility Personified
In the limelight stands Solo, a range of architecturally crafted spotlights from Precision by Luminii. Available in four sizes, Solo offers a cornucopia of options including ‘Static White Color Temperatures’, ‘Tunable White’, and ‘Warm Dim’. This versatility empowered the institute to tailor the lighting to their exact specifications, ensuring ambiance met functionality with finesse.

Elevate with Casambi: Lighting Control Redefined
Enter Casambi, the pièce de résistance in modern lighting control. With Casambi at the helm, the institute gained unprecedented control, seamlessly customizing lighting to suit diverse needs. This cutting-edge wireless control system facilitated adjustments in brightness, color temperature, and scheduling, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sophistication.

Seamlessly Blending History and Modernity
The culmination of these innovative solutions is a testament to how history and modernity can coalesce seamlessly. By preserving the historical relevance of an 815-year-old building while embracing the cutting edge, Precision by Luminii has set a new standard in lighting innovation.

Ready to Illuminate Your Space?
Experience the transformative power of Precision by Luminii’s lighting solutions. Whether you’re illuminating a historical landmark or modern masterpiece, our products are crafted to exceed expectations. Explore our Track and Solo ranges today and embark on your journey to illumination excellence.

Project Details:

  • Name of Project: Cambridge University
  • Project Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Year Completed: 2023
  • Lighting Designer: Matthew Nourse
  • Photographer: Matthew Nourse

Products Commissioned:

  • Solo
  • Casambi
  • Stucchi Multisystem 48V