iilluminati: Jude Kamal, Sansa Interiors


Interior design relies heavily on lighting, playing a critical role in the way a space not only looks, but the way it feels. Jude Kamal, founder of Sansa Interiors, embraces this notion when planning and designing new residential projects. She illuminates each project with a holistic approach, blending contemporary context with each space’s unique purpose. Inspired by monochromatic or neutral tones, she approaches each project with bold, focused innovation. 

Kamal illuminates residential spaces in the Toronto area with inspiration from natural design elements. While home and restaurant projects are her favorite, Kamal works with clients to create open, modern lighting designs in kitchens and other unique residential spaces.

Residential Lighting Solutions for Interior Design Projects

We spoke with Kamal and discussed her career, design aesthetic, and lighting trends she sees will continue to evolve in the industry. While her love for art and architecture inspired her career path, her love of light and environmental design has heavily influenced her design projects. 

Read our interview below to learn about her career in interior design. You can also gain inspiration from her simplistic, clean approach and find out what interior designers should keep in mind when illuminating residential spaces.  

About You

What inspired you to pursue a career in lighting?

My career is mainly in interior design, which also heavily involves lighting. Interior design came naturally to me. I always loved to create spaces and make art. It was the only thing that made sense for me to follow.

Walk us through your career path.

My career path was very straightforward. I always enjoyed creating art and loved architecture. I went to school at OCAD for environmental design, then worked in the field for a few years as an interior designer. Later on, I started my own design practice: Sansa Interiors Inc.

If you could articulate your philosophy about light in one sentence, what would you say?

I’d say, the more layers the better!

How would you describe your lighting or artistic style?

I’d describe my lighting style as simple and minimalist but impactful.

Tell us about one of your favorite lighting techniques and why.

At Sansa Interiors, we love to utilize both direct and indirect lighting, then layer those techniques up at different heights. There’s also nothing like a great accent ceiling pendant or chandelier fixture. 

What types of spaces or projects do you enjoy illuminating?

My favorite spaces to work with are homes and restaurants.

Tell us about one of your favorite lighting projects. What was it about the final product that made it a standout project for you?

It’s hard to pick one but with all our projects, we ensure that lighting plays a huge role in every space we touch.

Who or what do you look to for inspiration?

So many things and places! For one, 1920s modern architecture. I am inspired specifically by Alvar Alto, Le Corbusier and Meis. I also use Pinterest a lot to collect quick inspiration and vibes.

What’s the most valuable lighting tip you can share?

I’ll say it again — always layer your lighting! Also, throughout the same space, always ensure all your lighting has the same colour temperature. Lastly, it is always a good idea to put lighting on dimmers for further flexibility and usability.

Where do you think the lighting design industry is headed? How do you feel about the direction it’s taking?

Definitely towards something that is more simplistic and clean. I am seeing a lot of clean lines and a trend towards monochromatic or neutral tones.

In terms of product innovation, what are you most excited about in terms of future products or technology still in the early stages?

I am excited to see all the crazy technological features that are about to emerge. Lighting has come a long way and I’m so happy I get to do what I love everyday.

Connect with Jude Kamal and Sansa Interiors

Business Name: Sansa Interiors Inc.

Business Address: 20 Tubman Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 0M8, Canada 

Website: www.sansainteriors.com 

Phone: +1 647-556-3137

Email: jude@sansainteriors.com 

Instagram: @Sansa.Interiors