2022 Lighting Design Trends—Fixture Finishes by Luminii


Accentuate Architecture Throughout the Home

Top Trends in Lighting Design

The right fixture finish is essential for making a space stand out. Luminii collaborated with influencers in the lighting community to carefully select new premium finish options that ensure our products upgrade every application. With meticulous attention to detail, Luminii’s premium finishes are designed to complement one another, allowing for flexibility to mix and match throughout a space. Options include everything from pendants to linear fixtures in recessed, surface, or suspended profiles, making Luminii a one-stop shop for your next project.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Luminii offers a wide range of easy-to-follow design guides to support a wide range of projects. Finish your next project with a gilded feel using Polished Gold, bright and radiant for a brilliant finish and a shiny, glossy, or polished sheen. Polished Silver, an additional option, is a highly reflective silver polish, and Aged Brass is a deep brown shade with slightly golden undertones and a satin finish. Instill a sense of sophistication with Matte Black, a dark, pitch black with a soft flat finish. Choose Warm Nickel, a soft, silvery smoke with warm tones and a satin finish. Regardless of the finishes you select, the spaces you design are certain to turn eyes.


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Gold and brass are making a comeback.

While you may be partial to wood and natural finished furniture, don’t turn your nose up at gold-painted furniture or even gold-leafed painted decor to add creative accents to your decorative accent pieces. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lights are showing off their new golden hues, and bringing these into your home along with darker hues will add a dramatic flair to your interiors.

A return to green living with corrugated metal.

If your decorative style steers more towards the rustic and natural approach to metallic finishes, why not try the appeal of corrugated metal? In recent years corrugated metal has been used by designers for walls, ceilings, sides of cabinetry and creative accent walls in bedrooms, and even adorning masculine bathrooms. Try adding corrugated metal to bring out your love for recycled and repurposed materials. Love a rustic and repurposed look to your decor? Try corrugated metal for wall finishes.

Architectural details with corrugated metal materials.

When is the last time you’ve seen an architect make a statement with corrugated metal? While the appeal of using this versatile material as a finish is popular, the ability to bend and mold the ribbed metal into curvilinear forms opens the imagination to new ideas you haven’t considered. Who said corrugated metal was only for roofing?

Cool silver metallic finishes are still top-rated.

When it comes to the most used and specified finishes for kitchens and baths, it has to be the silvery metallic family of metals which include nickel, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel. These silvery metals are durable, have high reflective qualities, and come in a variety of finishes from a dull-brushed finish to highly-polished which sparkles in any light. Silver-tone plumbing fixtures and appliances are still ahead of the metallic finishes homeowners desire.

Plumbing fixtures and appliances take on a silvery attitude.

Chrome and nickel are very popular now in plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom and remain the main staple in homes of modest proportions all the way to posh affluent homes.  Depending on your design style, there’s a variety of plumbing fixture styles to choose from whether it’s traditional with ornate detailing to minimalist modern styles for your contemporary home. Stainless steel appliances still remain at the forefront of kitchen owners’ wish list items for their gourmet kitchen applications. It’s a return to Hollywood Regency style with mirrored furniture.

Ornamental metal throughout your home.

While metallic finishes are seen in large quantities throughout your home, don’t forget about ornamental metals throughout your interiors that are just as important. Remember, attention is in the details, and wrought iron ornamental railings and banisters are a prime area to showcase this gorgeous metal. Also, look to cabinetry door pulls, door hardware, and even exterior door hardware for metal subtleties. You will be surprised how metallic finishes are trending in every part of your home.

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