Luminii Welcomes Glint Lighting

Luminii is proud to add Glint Lighting to the family, a champion of innovative optics and revolutionary designs. By integrating Glint into an already highly adjustable line of luminaires, Luminii is expanding its impressive range in key market segments. With Glint’s mission to create beautiful, illuminated spaces with products that disappear into the architecture, and Luminii’s powerful industry presence and resources—it’s an unstoppable collaboration.

Glint’s Revolutionary Hero Family

Glint’s flagship product family, HERO, is an ingenious creation—the first luminaire whose light can be adjusted without moving the fixture. With its patented LightShift® technology, HERO eliminates the need for any physical movement to change light direction. It perfectly fits into niche spaces where other downlights can’t, unlocking a variety of new design possibilities.

Hero Track

Hero Monopoint

Hero Recessed

Hero Grille