Famous Food Street Eats


iLight Creates Authentic Feel of Asian Street Food Vendors in Modern Casino 


How do you create a Southeast Asian Street vibe befitting a collection of world class Pan-Asian restaurants for the new, glitzy Resort World Casino, Las Vegas? The answer is to model the area called Famous Food Street Eats after      a street or outdoor market one would find in Hong Kong or Singapore. Sprinkle in pavers, plenty of neon signs and Asian artifacts like a twelve foot golden lucky cat, and you have hit the mark!  

As the primary designer for this seating section of the Street, Celano Design Studio, decided to use a group of large, suspended blue accent lighting shapes as its main feature over the area. They wanted the pieces to represent the sky above an open market, but also support the Asian street theme and emerge among several neon signs used around an adjacent bar area.  

Their inspiration for the unique shapes came from an Asian ceramic piece that they had on the wall of their Manhattan offices. A piece normally used to make screens, they wondered what would happen if they made similar, but much larger patterns as the key suspended feature in the seating area. They turned to iLight by Luminii and MRD Lighting to make the concept a reality. 

Ceramic wall piece that was inspiration for the design.
Photo by Mark Simpson, Celano Design Studio

Celano Design Studio submitted the designs to the engineering team at Luminii to see if they could shape their Plexineon bendable luminaires into the three designs and suspend them from the ceiling. Bending the luminaires to the design was the easy part, but there was initial concern with the large number of aircraft cables that may be needed to suspend the shaped Plexineon fixtures from the ceiling.  So, the team reached out to MRD Lighting for additional assistance. iLight sent MRD Lighting a copy of the design CAD drawings and MRD was able to quickly fabricate a perfectly matched support frame for each of the shapes, only needing a few aircraft cable wires to suspend each shape from the ceiling effortlessly. 

Mark Simpson of Celano Design Studio said, “iLight was the first luminaire that I thought of for this project. It looks like neon, and we needed something that could be contorted to create the unique custom shapes required for this design. Plexineon is great because it bends and stays bent. I have used it successfully on many projects and knew it would work well for this installation.”  

Dave Atkinson of MRD Lighting added, “I had previously used LED neon ‘noodle lighting’ to replace neon in signs. It came in a roll that we cut and had to place clips every six inches to hold the shape. Plexineon was much easier and cleaner to install.” Plexineon luminaires were shaped at the iLight factory in Tennessee and the support structure frame at MRD in New York. Dave said that even though the fixtures and support structure were made in different locations and shipped to the hotel for assembly, “every Plexineon fixture fit perfectly on the support frame that we fabricated.”   

Fast Facts about Plexineon:

  • Highly Customizable// Factory Formed 
    • Factory bends down to 3/16” radius 
    • Field bends down to a 72” radius 
  • Surface or Suspended Options 
  • Crisp, clean line of light visible for miles 
  • CCT range 2700-6500K + Color Options 
  • Standard Finishes include Glossy Gray, Matte Gray, Black, and White 
  • For use as exterior or interior accent lighting 
  • Direct or indirect view options 
  • IP68, IK10,& 3G ratings 

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Contact your local RSM to learn more about adding Plexineon Bendable Luminaires to your next project!  

Project Detail & Contributors: 

PROJECT: Famous Food Street Eats 

SITE: Resorts World   

LOCATION: Las Vegas 

LIGHTING DESIGN: Celano Design Studio  


ARCHITECT: Marnell Companies 


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: W.A. Richardson Builders  

PROJECT MANAGER: Resorts World Las Vegas 

PRODUCT: Plexineon Blue