Leto 11

Highly Versatile. Highly Desired.

The Leto 11 is Senso’s flagship product. Inspired by European design and meticulous engineering, the Leto 11 series is a true masterpiece. Every detail was intentional, from the optics to the industrial design to ensure that every element was pleasing to the eye.

Endless Possibilities


The Leto 11 and Leto 11 Mini Pendants feature a variety of suspension options including a single-feed suspension, a solid stem, single or double aircraft cable suspension (including a feed cable), or with our new power over aircraft cable suspension.

Surface Mount.

The Leto 11 and Leto 11 Mini Surface are designed to sit level on the ceiling without the need for a canopy or any visible junction box creating a seamless clean design. Leto 11 and Leto 11 Mini Surface are perfect for lower ceilings giving you options to create texture in a space or more drama by combining into a feature like a flush mounted chandelier.

The Leto 11 Mini features a Senso designed driver, lending a minimalist aesthetic and easy installation process.

Wall Sconce.

The Leto 11 & Leto 11 Mini Sconce are perfect for low ceilings, wall accents or for simply creating some added atmosphere in key areas of a space. The Leto 11 and Leto 11 Mini sconces comes in 3 options including wall with down light, up light, or both. The Leto 11 wall canopy covers a standard junction box while the Leto 11 Mini has a SENSO-designed driver housing that easily installs into small spaces.

Leto 11 Mini

Good things come in small packages.

he Leto 11, only smaller featuring the best LED modules available and tested in our Calgary facility for color accuracy and long-term color shift. Like Leto 11, the mini includes integrated custom faceted reflectors to ensure a beautiful lit up effect. Leto 11 Mini comes in 3 versatile sizes and was designed with tight tolerance mechanics to allow for both direct and indirect light across the series.

The Leto 11 Mini Track Spotlight.

If you are looking for more target illumination, the Leto 11 Mini track includes an integral driver to maintain it’s clean cylinder shape. The Leto 11 mini track has a 350⁰ adjustable neck joint and offers the same optics as the rest of the Leto 11 series.