iilluminati: Brian Wiley, Schuler Shook

iilluminati: Brian Wiley, Schuler Shook

Brian Wiley is as dynamic as the Chicago skyline he helps illuminate. As a lighting designer at Schuler Shook, Wiley is breathing new life into historic Chicago landmarks, high-end hospitality spaces, and public environments with a bold and innovative approach to lighting design.

Currently, Wiley and other designers from Schuler Shook are illuminating the exterior of the Tribune Tower Redevelopment, a multi-year project transforming the former home of the Chicago Tribune into luxury condominiums. When he’s not at work, Wiley lends his design expertise to illuminate nonprofit events benefitting his local community.

We were thrilled to speak with Wiley and learn more about his work. Read our interview with the talented lighting designer to learn about his upcoming projects, favorite lighting techniques, advice to aspiring designers, and predictions for the industry’s future.

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