Frieze Masters- Art Ancient and Daniel Crouch Rare Books


In the heart of Regents Park, London, Frieze Masters 2023 showcased an extraordinary array of ancient art and rare books, brought to life through meticulous lighting design. The collaboration between Art Ancient and Daniel Crouch Rare Books, alongside the expertise of RCL by Luminii, illuminated the exhibition with unparalleled precision and sustainability. Central to this success were the DRX1 and DRX2 spotlights, chosen for their ability to enhance each artwork’s unique features while minimizing long-term degradation.

It is always such a pleasure to work with Art Ancient and Daniel Crouch Rare Books. Not only are the objects they exhibit exceptional but they both truly understand and are passionate about lighting them perfectly.

- Matthew Nourse, UK and Europe Sales Manager for RCL by Luminii

Frieze Masters, one of the pinnacles of the art world, demands nothing short of perfection in its presentation. For the 2023 exhibition, RCL by Luminii stepped up to the challenge, providing gallery-grade spotlights that transformed the ambiance of the space and elevated the artworks to their truest form.

Renowned for their expertise in lighting solutions for galleries and exhibitions, RCL by Luminii has been a trusted partner of Frieze Masters since 2012. Their spotlights offer unparalleled advantages crucial for the successful display of artworks.

For Art Ancient and Daniel Crouch Rare Books, selecting the right lighting scheme was paramount. The DRX1 and DRX2 spotlights, meticulously chosen, ensured consistent and accurate color rendering, preserving the visual integrity of rare antiquities and artworks. Notably, Art Ancient’s display of Paleolithic Hand Axes alongside the Anthropomorphic Gogotte required precise lighting to accentuate their historical significance. 

Beyond color accuracy, the DRX1 and DRX2 excelled in directing light with exceptional precision. This ensured that each artwork was illuminated to perfection, without risking long-term degradation—a concern often associated with traditional incandescent lighting. At Frieze Masters, where artworks spanning centuries coexist, customizable spotlights are indispensable for creating dynamic visual experiences. 

Moreover, the choice of energy-efficient technology aligns with Frieze Masters’ commitment to sustainability. By reducing the exhibition’s environmental footprint, RCL by Luminii’s lighting solutions contribute to a more eco-conscious art world. 

Frieze Masters 2023 stands as a testament to the power of precision lighting in enhancing the exhibition experience. Through their collaboration with RCL by Luminii, Art Ancient and Daniel Crouch Rare Books have set a new standard for showcasing ancient art and rare books with utmost clarity and sustainability. 

DRX1 Product Fast Facts:

  • Lightweight, motorized remote-controlled spotlight 
  • Compact design: Small footprint ideal for restricted spaces 
  • Powerful output: Up to 1,474lm with various beam options 
  • Minimalist aesthetic: Small luminaire body with 100mm diameter fixture head 
  • Versatile functionality: Includes Variable Beam and Tunable White light engines 

DRX2 Product Fast Facts:

  • A sleek fusion of form and function, w/over 3700lm output 
  • Ideal for High Ceilings: Tailored for spaces requiring robust lighting solutions with its high output capability. 
  • Efficient Cooling: Utilizes passive cooling within a discreet design to optimize lumen performance. 
  • Customizable Options: All beam widths feature a 98 CRI option for color-critical applications 
  • 80 CRI 2200K light engine available upon request. 

Project Notes:

Photographer: Michael Adair, Art Ancient copyright, and Daniel Crouch copyright
Products used: DRX1 and DRX2
Testimonial: “We love the time saved using RCL lights and the support we get is wonderful” – Elida at Daniel Crouch Rare Books