Optic Arts

Modular Strips and Components

Our team of lighting experts is passionate, creative, and a visionary partner that takes the success of a lighting project just as serious as you do. Our architectural grade module systems and components are uniquely designed around the requirements of the specification and lighting design community tailored with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Simply Brilliant Spaces

Our high performance, made-to-order lighting products offer a wide range of solutions, giving you the freedom you need to align our products with your vision. Luminii’s lighting capabilities provide endless possibilities, free of limitations. No matter the project, Luminii can deliver.

What Makes Optic Arts Products One of a Kind?

Optic Arts by Luminii is a premium modular lighting product line that elevates any project. Our LED lighting products have been used around the world, making Optic Arts the universal choice when it comes to illuminating a space. From hotels to outdoor city light displays, Optic Arts lighting products are guaranteed to inspire your next architectural upgrade. 

All of our Optic Arts products are made-to-order, giving your vision the freedom it needs to level up. Optic Arts by Luminii is intentional. We know what it means to be a creative visionary. Our team of lighting experts has the same passion when it comes to successful lighting projects. We’ve designed our Optic Arts products to cater to the lighting design community, where we honor your architectural vision and help you create the space you want for your client.

Optic Arts products help support your lighting needs, both indoors and outdoors. From our Brilliant White LED strip lights to our Dynamic Color LED strip lights, any detail in your lighting design is covered. Our Flexible Direct View lighting products are suitable for wet locations and bend up to 2.5 inches, allowing for unlimited line design elements in your project’s vision. Let us be your visionary partner. We’re thrilled to take care of all your lighting design needs.