STENOS 5 inch Linear Trimless

Recessed Micro Optic


Seamlessly illuminate interior environments with the STENOS 5” Trimless Linear Downlight. Experience flawless beam quality from a small yet punchy profile. The architecturally designed form factor produces an output of 520 lumens resulting in 3100 CBCP.

Featuring a +/- 30° aimable tilt and beam shaping accessories providing a wide range of flexibility for any project, the STENOS 5” Trimless Linear Downlight includes a constant voltage design that enables multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply, resulting in a simplified installation and overall cost savings. Further customize beam shape with optional beam shaping and widening STENOS Easy Snap lenses and louvers, available in multiple highly flexible size options.

North America Documentation

Product Features

  • Micro OpticMicro Optic
  • 30 Deg Tilt30 Deg Tilt
  • 15 Deg Optic15 Deg Optic
  • 30 Deg Louver30 Deg Louver
  • 60 Deg Louver60 Deg Louver
  • Wall WashWall Wash
  • 1% Dimming1% Dimming
  • Wet RatedWet Rated
  • JA8JA8


  • ULUL
  • Made In USAMade In USA
  • Title 24Title 24