Okapi Flagship Store

Designer bags and accessories brand Okapi use Precision Lighting to put their luxury handmade pieces under the spotlight throughout their flagship store.

Founded in 2008, by South African painter Hanneli Rupert, Okapi is a quintessential African luxury brand. Steady growth for the next nine years resulted in Hanneli opening the first Okapi flagship store in the art and design lifestyle haven of Keyes Art Mile in Johannesburg.

The design brief was to create a bright, clean and contemporary space to highlight the bold colours, luxurious finish and originality of each handmade item. Tonic Design were assigned to fashion a rich and timeless interior finish, whilst Smith Tait Lighting Designers were entrusted with creating an opulent and comfortable ambience.

White Discus 16s mounted on Retrac run across the length of the store to highlight Okapi’s key pieces along the elegant walkway, while task lighting over the beautiful deco style desks at the front and rear of the store is provided by white adjustable trimless pinhole Minimo 11 fittings, seamlessly integrated into the contemporary moulded ceiling.


“Okapi needed their flagship store in Johannesburg to reflect their values, which are to uphold the highest international standards of quality, design and finish. This is why we chose to use discreet recessed luminaires and cleanly coordinated spotlights from Precision Lighting.”

Rupert Tait – Managing Director of Smith Tait

Lighting Designer

Smith Tait


Johannesburg, South Africa