Plexineon Panther Paws Case Study


School Lighting: Plexineon in Pine View High

Lighting Solutions for a Stronger Brand

How does a school enhance its brand? Build it right into the structure of the space. Pine View High School in St. George, UT, chose Plexineon from iLight by Luminii to help do just that. Expanding its lunchroom and commons area, the school used the rigid bendable LED luminaires to memorialize its panther mascot through a lighting design reminiscent of the animal’s powerful paws.

The project architect, Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects, sought to expand the school’s footprint by capitalizing on successful branded merchandising efforts and thus used suspended paw luminaires to outfit the new expansion. We interviewed Ian Madison, Principal at BNA Consulting, who specified the project. Read his responses below to learn why Plexineon is perfect for lighting school facilities.

Why Choose Luminii to Light the School?

The architect contacted me for creative ideas. I showed the sample design drawing to Jared Done at Quantum Lighting and asked for recommendations of lighting companies to upgrade the school. Jared provided three options, but after reviewing each company, Luminii leapt past the competition. We pounced on Plexineon—the obvious solution for the project.

What Made Plexineon the Perfect Choice?

Luminii was the only company that could make suspended luminaires that actually looked like panther paws. The other lines weren’t as customizable. Luminii was the only company able to make a suspended luminaire exactly as we designed.

Could You Take Us Through the Process End-to-End?

Each Plexineon linear luminaire was custom fabricated at the iLight by Luminii factory in Cookeville, TN, using a distinct bending process to shape the paws. The luminaires for the series were factory formed to our specifications. They were then assembled onsite and suspended from the ceiling using Luminii’s aircraft cable suspension kits. We artfully placed the products to represent panther steps walking across the ceiling.

What Are Your Thoughts Seeing the Finished Installation Lighting the School?

The project looks spectacular, and school officials are pleased with the result. Two of my children are students at Pine View High, and they think the paws are super cool. Not only do the paws add an element of panther pride to the school’s brand, but they also carry emotional weight with parents and other community members when the area is used for events such as graduations and year-end sporting banquets.

Light your school project with Plexineon.

Key Details

  • Customer: Pine View High School in St. George, UT
  • Year Completed: 2022
  • Project Architect: Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects
  • Principal Consultant: Ian Madison, BNA Consulting
  • Installation: David Barney, Senior Project Manager and Estimator, Wilkinson Electric
  • Products Used: Plexineon

Plexineon Fast Facts

  • Surface, Suspended, and Recessed
  • Horizontal and Vertical Direct View
  • High Light Output, Dot-Free, visible for miles
  • Horizontal Bends down to a 0.5” radius
  • Vertical Bends down to a 6” radius
  • Bends made perpendicular to light output
  • Bends hold shape offering unique design capabilities
  • Field Bends available in Surface Mount only
    • Bendable down to 72” radius min.
  • Mounting clips are included and designed to spec
  • 90+ CRI, CCTs include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Robust IK10/*IP67/3G ratings
  • 5-year warranty indoor, 3-year warranty outdoor

*IP68 rated versions available upon request

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