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iilluminati: Women in Lighting Design

Only 13% of practicing engineers are women, according to a November 2020 study by the Society of Women Engineers. The male-to-female gender bias remains prevalent across the industry, especially in the lighting design and architecture sectors.

Luminii is committed to diversity and strengthening the voices of women in lighting, architecture, engineering, and beyond. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we invite you to listen to a special podcast episode of Lighting the Way that explores the underrepresentation of women in the lighting design industry.

Special thanks to Furniture, Lighting & Decor magazine for producing this invaluable resource.

Lighting the Way · Episode 9: Women in Lighting Design


Editor’s note: The piece below originally appeared on You can also read the piece here.

In this episode of Lighting the Way, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with Kelly Roberts, Studio Director for WALD Studio and member of Women in Lighting + Design (WILD). Roberts shared insight into what her experience has been as a woman in the lighting industry and outlined WILD’s mission to provide an inclusive space for women to network and discuss issues that affect them.

She also explained WILD’s initiatives to partner with industry organizations to ensure events are as inclusive and equitable as possible.

For more information about WILD, go to

This episode is sponsored by Dallas Market Center.

Listen to Lighting the Way episode 9 here!

About the Podcast:

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