Gabrielle Chanel – Manifesto


Project Spotlight: Gabrielle Chanel Exhibition

Location: The V&A Museum, South Kensington London

Lighting Designer: Studio ZNA

Products used in this exhibit: Precision by Luminii’s Pico Display Spotlights


This is the first, and potentially the most important historical fashion exhibition of the decade; graciously hosted by the V&A Museum in South Kensington, London in partnership with the Palais Galliera and The Fashion Museum of the City of Paris, “Gabrielle Chanel- Fashion Manifesto” is the first UK Exhibition dedicated to the work of the eponymous French couturière Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. 

Lighting Design Practice, Studio ZNA chose to work with Precision by Luminii- always confident that the design team at Precision will deliver excellent performing products, with great Color quality, sympathetic light output, and finish. Particularly important when you are lighting a vast arrangement of varying objects, materials, and textures, most of which are over 100 years old.

The durable Pico Display Spotlight with its clean silhouette, makes them a great, sustainable choice for the Kensington based museum. Equally as important for the exhibition itself is that the Pico is lockable; ensuring that the design intention, which is carefully coordinated and aimed by Studio ZNA, will remain, and cannot be accidentally affected.

“We are always confident that the design team at Precision will deliver excellent performing products.”
~ Studio ZNA

This isn’t the first time, the Pico has been used in the V&A, since its release, projects have included temporary and permanent exhibitions, with the original lights still in service.

“It’s great to see the Pico still being specified in leading museum projects, over a decade after its original release. It’s a privilege to be lighting such gorgeous pieces of fashion history. The continuous engineering and design improvements we’ve made to the Pico product range remain at the cutting edge of LED technology.” Peter McClelland, Designer of the Pico, Design Director of Precision by Luminii.

If you’re in London and you happen to see this amazing exhibition in person, we’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience. Meanwhile, explore all of our Pico Display Spotlights and discover what makes this mini product range and ideal solution for museums around the world. 

Pico Product Fast Facts:

  • The Pico range has three site changeable optics for flexible distribution 
  • All version features lockable pan and tilt
  • The Pico Plus allows the mini range to hold accessories
  • Pico Zoom offers beam angles between 12º and 30º.
  • Finishes: white, black, and brushed aluminum