Micro Linear Track and Downlight Systems

STENOS™ Micro Linear products are Luminii’s smallest, slim line product family. Featuring both a track and downlight solution, these small giants create discreet architectural lighting accents supporting a wide variety of applications.

Engineered with an all-new and proprietary micro-optics engine, STENOS light sources push more light forward in a compact package delivering superior uniform light output, color consistency, and high CRI. A wide array of track joiners and Stenos Easy Snap lenses provide more opportunities to customize spaces effortlessly.


STENOS Track and Downlight models are some of the smallest in the industry. Elevate spaces with their streamlined micro linear profiles, a proprietary micro-lens, and intricate architectural details.


STENOS Track is field cuttable and features an array of joiners that are easy to install. Effortlessly switch modules between circuits with the track’s 2 circuit design to reposition and re-aim modules at any time.

STENOS Downlights feature a Constant Voltage design, enabling multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply.


STENOS Optics can push even more light forward than competing products. The result is unvarying light output, beautiful color uniformity, high CRI and high R9.


Customize both STENOS Track and Downlight models with STENOS Easy Snap beam shaping accessories and louvers.

Stenos Track (Surface, Recessed, and Suspended)

  • Low profile, field-configurable track system supports STENOS directional and ambient modules
  • Immaculate circular beam quality from a unique micro-linear form factor
  • Enduring flexibility — STENOS modules can be added, removed, and re-positioned in track easily with simple tools
  • Two-circuit track enables straightforward setup of two, separately controllable zones — simply remove, rotate, and re-insert a STENOS module to change circuit

Ambient and Directional Modules

  • Install flush in the STENOS track system for a sleek and highly integrated appearance
  • Ambient modules available in 2’ or 4’ lengths
  • Directional modules available in 3”, 5”, 12”**
  • Narrow 15° TIR native beam and features a 30° bidirectional tilt
  • Single bin sorted LED provides industry-leading color quality
  • Beam shape is 100% customizable with optional beam shaping and widening Stenos Easy Snap lenses and louvers


  • Flawless beam quality from a unique micro-linear form factor
  • Greater control and flexibility — narrow 15° TIR native beam is aimable up to +/-30°
  • Single bin sorted LED provides industry-best color quality
  • Constant Voltage design enables multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply, resulting in a simplified installation and cost savings


Beam shaping accessories support both the Downlight and Track Directional Modules. Customers now have the freedom to customize their lighting designs with supporting STENOS Easy Snap accessories including an Elliptical (15º x 30º), 30º, 55º, and Louver — all 100% interchangeable allowing beam shaping and easy adjustments even after install.*

Ready to Specify?

To learn more about the STENOS product portfolio and elevate your next project, contact Luminii or find an agent.

*Only one Easy Snap optical accessory can be used at a time.

**Actual downlight sizes are: 2.71”, 5.05”, 12.08” & slightly wider with spring clips