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Atrium House

Atrium House

The renovation of the Atrium house by dSPACE Studio utilized LineLED 36 to accent architectural reveals throughout the house. The two-story atrium lighting is provided by LED strips mounted to the underside of the angular concrete steps which reflect off of the porcelain floors to create a warm glow.

LED strips are featured in the kitchen to add ambient lighting and are used to add a warm backlight to the rails in the staircases. The bathroom utilizes vertical coves of LED strips reaching up to the skylight. The Atrium house is an AIA award winner and has been featured in the Design Bureau Magazine.

Location: Chicago, IL

Architect: dSpace Studio

Product: LineLED 36

Atrium House Display Wide
Atrium House Display Close
Atrium House Kitchen
Atrium House Stairs
Atrium House Bathroom Wide
Atrium House Bathroom Close
Atrium House Overhead
Atrium House

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