Remote Controlled Lighting by Luminii Introduces the All New DRX7 Motorized Recessed Luminaire at Light ‘22 Adding to Its Popular DRX Product Series

DRX7 Compliments the DRX1, DRX2, and DRX5 Product Range Featuring a Broad Range of Product Advancements Including an Internally Developed LED Driver, Single Source Light Engine, And Intuitive RCL Control System

To see a live demo of the all-new Motorized DRX7, visit our booth (#21) at Light ‘22 in London Nov 22-23.

Light ‘22, London, ENG.—Nov 22, 2022 Remote Controlled Lighting by Luminii, a London-based manufacturer of industry-leading specification-grade remote-controlled LED lighting systems, today announced the immediate availability of the DRX7, the successor of the company’s best-selling product, the DR7. The DRX7 features complimentary technical advancements designed in the compact DRX5 recessed luminaire which was designed for applications with tight spaces and low ceiling voids. The addition of the DRX7 brings with it a larger form factor and higher power options now allowing RCL to support a broader range of ceiling heights making it the ideal solution for hospitality, showrooms, and ballrooms where impact and control are of the utmost importance. 

We are thrilled to introduce the DRX7 product to our award-winning RCL product range, “ said Paul Crisp, Managing Director of London-based Remote Controlled Lighting and Precision Lighting. “Lighting Designers now have more options to choose from in the RCL range making our roster of motorized products more complete. With a higher lumen output and the ability to support the RCL Control digital platform, the DRX7 is a no-brainer for elevated ceiling heights”. 

Quality, Accuracy, Control, and Compatibility

The technology behind the DRX7 was built on a few key principles that are the basis for all RCL products. The quality and care that went into the product design were just as important as the ultimate effect. The engineering team developed its own DC to DC LED drivers to guarantee a smooth, ultra-low, and flicker-free dimming range. The motorized pan goes through extensive lifetime testing and features a 0-185° rotation and 0-35° tilt and wide range of light engines from narrow to wide beams and zoom. The product is field-friendly, using a pop-and-twist method for attaching the luminaire to its trim, and it’s tool-less, making servicing or accessory changeovers a breeze. In terms of accuracy, the DRX7 features standard beam spreads, variable pin spotting, or tunable white, producing beautiful, clean beams that are free from color over angle and artifacts, all while delivering high peak optical intensities. RCL also makes it simple to take control of the scene, giving customers easy and intuitive tools to make custom and dramatic scenes in minutes with a wide range of compatible control protocols both wired and wireless.

RCL Control Adds RGBW Light Options

In addition to the DRX7, RCL by Luminii has also introduced the DRX5 Dynamic White product. Featuring an RGBW light engine and RCL Control RGBW integration, customers now can further customize scenes with dynamic color tuning in tandem with the DRX5 Dynamic White product. Scenes can be set and saved to a library and applied to other light schemes ensuring a seamless application. 

All RCL luminaires feature the ability to manipulate beam width, color temperature, and motorized positioning, providing the ultimate flexible lighting solution for any application. RCL Control has been designed to reflect the real-time nature of lighting control; the system uses a dynamic reconfiguring wireless mesh network, constantly self-optimizing to maintain signal reliability. Users can easily organize and navigate complex lighting schemes thanks to the intuitive user interface and flexible lighting controls. Live on-screen feedback ensures that luminaire adjustment is simple, intuitive, and responsive. Perfect for large-scale applications, RCL Control allows the user to create zones, light plans, groups, and scenes to organize hundreds of luminaires across multiple rooms and floors. This tiered set-up allows users to easily navigate complex lighting schemes and control individual or multiple luminaires at once. Along with high-resolution positioning, RCL Control provides user-friendly manipulation of color temperature and beam width, delivering immediate and highly custom results.


Q: When with the new RCL by Luminii products be available for order?
A: The DRX7, DRX5 RGBW, and the latest RCL Control system will be available starting in Q1 2023.

Q: You mentioned that the DRX7 is a direct replacement for the DR7? Will you still support the DR7?
A: We will continue to support the DR7 into 2023, but it will be phased out in the future.

Q: Will the DRX7 feature and RGBW light engine at launch?
A: Not currently, but we do plan to make this capability available in the DRX7 soon. Stay tuned for future updates. 

Q: You mentioned higher ceiling height support. How high are we talking about?
A: The DRX7 isn’t designed for general illumination. For its main application of pin spotting, you can pin spot up to 35ft away.

Q: Is the DRX7 damp or wet-rated?
A: No, it is not damp or wet-rated. 

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DRX7 Recessed Luminaire

  • Beam Widths: 7˚, 10˚, 17˚, 28˚
  • Zoomable: 10˚- 55˚, 15˚- 50˚
  • Tilt: 0-35°, Rotation: 0-185°
  • Dynamic Motor Speed for Fine Tuning Light Positioning and Accuracy
  • Mounting: Trimmed or Trimless
  • Lumen Package Range:  – Up to 2500lm
  • Peak Intensity Range: Up to 70000CD
  • CCTs and CRI: 2700/3000/4000K, 90+CRI 
  • LED Configuration Options: 
    • Single Source 
  • Finishes: Black RAL9005, White RAL9010
  • Dimming Control: 
    • DMX, DALI, 1-10V, Handheld, RCL Control 
  • Cut Out Diameter: 195mm
  • CE, ETL, UL Certified 
  • Warranty: 5 years

DRX5 Recessed Luminaire

  • Beam Widths: Single Source 6˚, 10˚, 22˚, 34˚+ Variable, Dynamic White, and RGBW options
  • Recessed Trimmed and Trimless Mounting Options
  • Lumen Package Range: Up to 1474lm
  • CCTs and CRI: 2700/3000/4000K & 2200K to 3800K Dynamic White, 90+CRI
  • Finishes: Black RAL9005, White RAL9010
  • Dimming Control: DMX, DALI, 1-10V, Handheld, RCL Control
  • CE, ETL Certified
  • Warranty: 5 years
Applications and Links

The DRX7 is ideal for high-ceiling applications such as ballroom spaces, atriums, large hospitality venues, banqueting halls, and exhibition spaces.

The DRX5 is our smallest recessed product and is suitable for low-ceiling voids, making it the perfect solution for applications with tight space constraints.


Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) by Luminii is the only lighting company in the world to exclusively specialize in the design, manufacture, and supply of remote-controlled LED luminaires. RCL is recognized across the globe by leading architects, lighting designers, and end clients as the pioneer of remote-controlled lighting. RCL was acquired by Luminii, a Chicago-based lighting manufacturer, in late 2021 adding to its roster of premium lighting brands. Luminii’s unique approach to design and meticulous product construction supports and elevates the rich heritage of the RCL brand, serving as the cornerstone of its push to deliver the absolute best remote-controlled lighting solutions to the market. Whether you are an architect, designer, or contractor, we are committed to delivering premium lighting products and an experience that is efficient, positive, and memorable. Follow Luminii on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for more information on products, applications, and industry events.


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