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mCove High Efficacy

Efficacy up to 120lm/w - a 45% increase over the standard mCove Model.

24 VDC Class 2 fixtures made to order up to 144”.

Single micro binned LEDs +/- 30 CCT.

Dims with minimal color shift.

Proprietary strong bond solder method handles up to 50lbs of torque on wire leads and connectors.

Profile Dimensions

Lumens at 3000K (Clear Lens):

231 to 706 lum/ft depending on output

Average Life:

50,000 hours

Operating Voltage:

24 VDC

More Features

Average Power Consumption at 4':

2.0 W/ft for Low Output (LO), 2.8 W/ft for Standard Output (SO), 3.7 W/ft for Medium Output (MO), or 5.9 W/ft for High Output (HO).

Color Temperature:

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K.


Black, White, or Paint Ready.


5 year warranty.


Approved for closet/storage space. Class 2 listed for damp locations.


Luminii Made in the USA
Luminii UL
Luminii Dimmable
Luminii JA8
Luminii Rohs Compliant