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LineLED 48 High Efficacy

Small form factor high performance constant voltage LED strip.

Designed to deliver best in class efficacy while operating at low temperature.

Delivers constant light output, outstanding color consistency and dimming performance without the need of an additional heat sink.

Available in 4 different outputs with a tight LED pitch of 0.25”.

Clean dot free illumination in most Luminii profiles when paired with our Frosted lenses.

Profile Dimensions

Lumens at 3000K:

257 to 786 lum/ft, depending on output

Average Life:

50,000 hours

Operating Voltage:

24 VDC

More Features

Lumens Maintenance:

Calculated at L90 for 173,000 hours for High Output.

Consumption at 4':

2.0W/ft for low output (LO), 2.8W/ft for standard output (SO), 3.7W/ft for medium output (MO) or 5.9W/ft for high output (HO).

Color Temperature:

2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K


5 year warranty.


Above and below cabinets, cove lighting, counter accent, architectural reveals, under banister, display and book cases, etc. Suitable for indoor only. Class 2 listed for damp locations.


Luminii UL
Luminii Single Bin
Luminii Dimmable
Luminii IP67 Certification
Luminii Indoor