Kendo M Wet Graze

Extruded aluminum linear grazing system.

Features a 11° lightly frosted lens.

Available in sections up to 116” long.



Profile Dimensions

Lumens at 4000K (Lightly Frosted Lens):

262 to 355 lum/ft, depending on output

Average Life:

50,000 hours

Operating Voltage:

24 VDC

More Features

Consumption at 4':

5.2W/ft for high output (HO) or 6.5W/ft for very high output (VHO).

Color Temperature:

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4100K.

Operating Environment:

-30 degrees C to +50 degrees C.


Black, Bronze, Silver, or White.


Class 2 listed for wet locations. Suitable for highlighting textured surfaces, stone walls or for edge lighting.


Luminii Made in the USA
Luminii UL
Luminii Single Bin
Luminii Dimmable
Luminii IP67 Certification
Luminii Wet
Luminii Outdoor