Kendo M Static White Wet

Linear Illumination System

  • 24VDC Class 2 fixtures made to order up to 144”. Fixtures can be linked up to 35’ depending on output
  • Suitable for under-cabinet, millwork recessed, and surface mount applications
  • Approved for closet/storage space installation per NEC 410.16(A)(3) and 410.16(C)(5)
  • Dot free even illumination achievable with frosted lens
  • Louvers and Glare Shields available for clear, frosted, half-frosted, flat frosted, and graze lens
  • Vibrant colors with R9 values up to 98
  • Single micro binned LEDs +/- 30 CCT
  • Dims with minimal color shift
  • Class 2 listed for damp locations
  • Proprietary strong bond solder method handles up to 50lbs of torque on wire leads and connectors
  • Kendo M Static White Wet
  • Kendo M Static White Wet