The Old Hall – Queens’ College, Cambridge

Queens’ College Cambridge and Hoare Lea Lighting design have given a new lease of life to The Old Hall by installing custom made luminaires from Precision Lighting. The spectacular medieval room is crammed with ornate décor by William Morris, and fine historical portraits and plasterwork, requiring a delicate approach to highlight the intricate features without interfering with the fragile structure.

Castellated beams provide the framework for most of the lighting in the hall and Hoare Lea needed to give serious consideration into how best to do this without detracting from the stunning surroundings. They specified a combination of Oculus and Domino luminaires, mounted on custom stems to bespoke enclosures designed to minimise any effect on the fabric of the building.

A high power yet discreet flood was required for general lighting so bespoke crafted trios of Dominos were custom made with stems to slightly protrude over the beams. The light from the Dominos installed provides a subtle glow above the banqueting area which is used for weddings, conferences and special dining occasions.

Lighting Designer

Hoare Lea


Cambridge, United Kingdom