Luminii Reintroduces Signature Linear Products

Luminii Reintroduces Signature Linear Products with Dramatic Technical, Aesthetic Enhancements

Luminii Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii Linear Product Lines Achieve Significant Efficacy Gains, Color Quality, Aesthetic, and Compatibility Improvements through Collaboration with Customers

Niles, Illinois.—June 23, 2020Luminii, a Chicago-based manufacturer of industry-leading specification-grade architectural LED lighting systems, today announced immediate availability of dramatic enhancements to three of its signature product lines—Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii—to equip commercial lighting design and architecture professionals with superior new capabilities that align with the increasingly sophisticated technological and aesthetic needs customers demand.

Reimagined Efficacy and Color

Throughout the evolved product lines, Luminii achieved new technological triumphs as a direct result of collaboration between longtime customers and the company’s leading engineers. Highlights include a broader range of high efficacy products that qualify for aggressive Title 24 energy efficiency requirements, along with industry-leading color rendition enhancements of CRI/95+, R9/95+, Rf/95+, Rg/100+ for precise luminosity across the entire high-color range of products from 1900K-4100K.

Additionally, the updated Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii linear illumination systems boast transformations related to both form and function including advanced connector options and upgraded install features such as toolless mounting. Highlights also include aesthetic advancements, field cuttable film lenses and quick-snap suspension mounting to enable smoother installations in the field.

“When developing or enhancing Luminii products, we consult with our customers first to ensure we are always meeting and exceeding their technical and creative expectations,” said Jeff Parker, CEO of Luminii. “As a result of our  close and collaborative relationships, our products naturally yield innovative improvements and support our mission to create a highly versatile product portfolio for end-to-end lighting design needs.”

In addition to these product extensions and enhancements, Luminii shared that it will not increase pricing for the Kendo 45M, Kilo and Linii product lines, as part of the company’s commitment to provide lighting designers, specifiers, and architects with the quality and value they associate with the Luminii brand, particularly as price increases are something manufacturers are having to consider as a result of COVID-19.

“We are sensitive to the heightened economic uncertainties facing our customers, their clients and the industry at large,” said Amy Bonder, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Luminii. “Central to our focus in evolving the Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii product lines is our commitment to ensure these enhancements are immediately accessible to our loyal customers who rely on their utility, function and quality. Customers will now get all of these exciting enhancements at our existing pricing for these lines.”


The revamped Kendo 45M product line allows architects and designers to create more uniform and streamlined spaces with a valence back surface shielding the source, along with the industry’s first and only clean back mounting set. The 45MR version includes a quarter round frosted lens delivering full illumination for wider light distribution, giving customers the ability to use higher output strips.

Luminii’s improved Kilo product line introduces a completely new design delivering higher efficacy and improved uniform distribution. Designers can achieve clean, smooth appearances up to 100 feet with Kilo’s continuous lens and roll-up diffuser, or control glare like neverbefore with a slightly recessed lens perfect for museum, retail, and restaurant applications. The Kilo series also features a concealed mounting and quick-snap suspension system to streamline the installation processes in the field.

The enhanced Linii series features a more compact design and now includes hard surface options, Linii DHS and DHS HE, supporting a broader array of installations. Additionally, the new line simplifies the plastering and overall installation processes while significantly reducing material use. The series provides optimal alignment features for corners as well supporting asymmetrical designs with a narrow edge size.  

The Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii Gen 1 products will phase out to support the new lines. Please work with your local sales representative to discuss the details as the cut over with depend on independent inventory levels.

Customers may view the redesigned Kendo 45M, Kilo and Linii series at, and may obtain inventory details and further guidance by contacting their sales representatives or emailing


Products at-a-glance

KENDO 45M, KENDO 45MR, KENDO 45M HE, 45MR HE Replacement + HE (new) options
KILO, KILO HE, KILO S/HE (SUSPENDED), KILO S/HE (POA), KILO S/HE(SQUARE)       Replacement + HE (new) options
LINII, LINII HE, LINII DHS, LINII DHS HE Replacement + HE (new) options

Product Spec Details

Kendo 45M (Architectural Grade Linear Illumination System)

  • Valence design extending the installation surface profile  
  • Industry’s first concealed mounting for clean, hardware-free mounting  
  • New round lens design option for wider light coverage (MR)
  • Vibrant colors with R9 values up to 98 and dims with minimal color shift
  • CCTs include: 1900K, 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 2900K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K (all TM-30-15 tested)
  • Press fit aluminum end caps continue the aesthetic perception of the product  
  • Consistent high strength marine grade 6063 aluminum extrusion ensures structural strength and excellent heat dissipation
  • Both the 45M and 45MR are ideal for cove, under cabinet, and millwork applications
  • Finishes: Silver, *Black, *Bronze, *White (*call ahead for lead times)
  • HE Variants
  • Meet aggressive energy standards.
  • Kendo 45M HE features brilliant color utilizing industry-leading high efficacy LEDs with minimal color shift
  • Kendo 45M HE options qualify for Title 24 compliance  

Kilo (Architectural Grade Extruded Aluminum Linear Illumination System)

  • 24VDC linear illumination system available in sections up to 144” in total length
  • Continuous lens up to 100ft achieved by a roll-up diffuser creating a seamless appearance
  • Vibrant colors with R9 values up to 98 and dims with minimal color shift
  • CCTs include: 1900K, 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 2900K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K (all TM-30-15 tested)
  • Single micro binned LEDs +/- 30 CCT
  • Proprietary strong bond solder method handles up to 50lbs of torque on leads and connectors
  • Dot-free, even illumination achievable with frosted lens
  • Kilo is ideal for cove, under cabinet, and millwork applications
  • approved for closet/storage installations
  • Adjustable and fixed mounting options allow for ceiling, floor, and wall installations
  • Finishes: Silver, *Black, *Bronze, *White (*call ahead for lead times)
  • HE Variants
  • Kilo HE profiles feature a 20%+ efficacy gain from the legacy line, enabling the possibility to deliver up to 1000lm/ft output with the frosted lens.
  • Kilo HE features brilliant color utilizing industry-leading high efficacy LEDs with minimal color shift.
  • KILO HE options qualify for Title 24 compliance  

Linii (Architectural Grade Extruded Aluminum Mud-In Linear Illumination System)

  • Available in sections up to 144” in total length
  • Gen 2 features a refined and compact design (4” GDS, 3” DHS)
  • Easy plastering and over all installation significantly reducing onsite materials
  • Vibrant colors with R9 values up to 98 and dims with minimal color shift
  • CCTs include: 1900K, 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 2900K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K (all TM-30-15 tested)
  • Creates consistent illumination levels from the beginning to the end of the runs
  • Ideal for general illumination or architectural accents
  • Suitable for Chicago Plenum
  • HE Variants
  • Linii DHS and DHS HE: Drywall to Hard Surface Mud-in linear system
  • Linii DHS and DHS HE (Hard surface) support asymmetrical designs with a very narrow edge size
  • The Linii DHS HE features brilliant color utilizing industry leading high efficacy LEDs with minimal color shift
  • Linii DHS HE options qualify for Title 24 compliance  
  • Improved alignment features for corners compared to the legacy line with options including flat, outside, and inside (corner types are ordered independent of straight sections)

Common Kendo 45M, Kilo, and Linii Applications

  • Museum
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Wellness & Healthcare


Luminii is an industry-leading, specification-grade LED lighting manufacturer on a mission to enhance architecture delivering high-performance products in a simply brilliant way. We bring unique visions to life through highly modifiable solutions driven by innovation and delivered with simple processes from specification through installation. Whether you are an architect, designer, or contractor, we are committed to delivering premium lighting products and an experience that is efficient, positive, and memorable. Follow Luminii on InstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest for more information on products, applications and industry events.

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