Domino Release

Precision launched the Domino range at PLDC 2015. Designed for a wide choice of architectural spaces, including circulation areas, hospitality, exhibition and retail applications, the family of low-profile LED luminaires delivers outstanding performance, optical flexibility and choice of mounting options for elegant lighting solutions.

All three sizes of the range, Domino 1, 2 and 4, offer a multitude of beam distributions thanks to interchangeable optics. Domino 1 and 2 offer a choice of five beam angles ranging from narrow spots to wide floods. Combining different optic configurations in Domino 4 facilitates ten different distribution options, including a soft ellipse, focus spot and focal flood option.

Flexible beam distributions allow Domino to be used in accent and ambient applications as required, providing comfort and intuitive orientation throughout interior public spaces.

For maximum versatility, Domino has been designed to offer a variety of mounting options, with Basis Track, recessed and surface versions available from launch.

Basis Track variants securely grip the track through the clever use of robust, gold plated sprung contacts. Following the same minimalist appearance and clean lines as Precision’s existing LED Spotlight Collection, Domino Basis Track offers a deliberate complement to the rest of the product range. This shared design throughout the portfolio ensures Precision can cover a broad application focus in a consistent aesthetic.

Domino Recessed, including a discreet trimless version, has been designed to integrate with the aesthetic of Precision Lighting’s miniature recessed Minimo range.

The compact and narrow design of the Domino Surface allows for schemes with limited ceiling or channel depth while maintaining the characteristic elegance of the Basis Track option.

Machined from aerospace grade 6063-T6 aluminium; Domino continues the ethos of engineering excellence demonstrated by Precision’s luminaires. The LEDs used have been carefully selected to offer excellent colour rendering, delivering a typical 95CRI.

Reiterating Precision’s commitment to optical control, Domino features an in-built, magnetic accessory holder, with an anti-reflective finish for glare control, which accommodates accessories up to 2mm thick increasing flexibility.

Domino 1 offers a lumen package of 178lm, Domino 2 offers a lumen package of 356lm, and Domino 4 offers 712lm.