Briilliant Minds: Ryan Raica-Scallan

Briilliant Minds: Ryan Raica-Scallan

When working with Ryan Raica-Scallan, Luminii’s clients enjoy the best of both worlds: the brilliance and creativity of a lighting design firm, and the agile, problem-solving nature of a lighting manufacturer.

Before taking on his current role as Luminii’s Director of Sales covering the Northeast and Midwest, Raica-Scallan was a lighting designer. He applied his education in theatrical lighting to add drama and flair to spaces across a variety of markets, including hotels, casinos, restaurants, concerts, and even theme parks.

Now, Ryan works on the manufacturing and sales side of the lighting design field tapping into his experience as a lighting designer to help Luminii’s specifiers bring complex ideas to life, in addition to solving challenges they face on a regular basis.

We sat down with Ryan to learn more about his career and a collaborative approach to working with lighting designers, specifiers, and architects. Continue reading to learn how he helps Luminii’s clients tell their unique stories with light.

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