Brilliant Minds: Gwen Grossman

Brilliant Minds: Gwen Grossman

Gwen Grossman breaks barriers—and sets new standards—on a daily basis. While running her firm, Gwen Grossman Lighting Design, she empowers women and strengthens their voices in the male-dominated lighting design and architecture sectors. She also illuminates spaces with utmost precision and care to enhance every moment of the customer experience.

With her background in theatrical lighting, Grossman is uniquely positioned to help her clients achieve the exact mood and ambience they desire for their spaces. She sees every project as a stage, and she taps the power of light to guide audiences on where to look and how to feel—whether they’re dining in a restaurant or relaxing at a luxurious airport lounge.

We caught up with Grossman to learn more about her firm and refreshing approach to lighting design. As Grossman says, “I’m not here to just provide light at your desk. That’s not the way I think of things. It’s the totality of the experience.”

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