The Senso by Luminii chandelier collection provides lighting designers, architects, and specifiers with five new made-to-order architectural-grade designs: Vesta X, Vesta Y, Vesta Square, Vesta Hexagon, and Vesta Triangle. Like the Vesta 1, the expanded portfolio is available in direct and direct/indirect options.

Vesta chandeliers deliver our signature color quality with vibrant color 90+ CRI across the dimming curve with available enhanced options in both Warm Dim and Dynamic Color.

  • Vesta H Chandelier
  • Vesta S Chandelier
  • Vesta T Chandelier
  • Vesta X Chandelier
  • Vesta Y Chandelier

The Chandelier Canopy

Inspired by sleek, striking shapes, the entire line features a universal canopy to support cohesive installations. With a three or four cable suspension options, the canopy is designed to fully cover both a standard electrical box as well as all the aircraft cable grippers and feed cable connection. The result is a smooth, distraction-free canopy.

Custom Shapes and Sizes