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Lighting becomes an extension of a space's unique personality and, if done right, it has the power to speak to the end user. No matter what the project is, we create spaces that owners and end users will love, and you will too. Lighting has the power to enhance an environment, driving human behavior and emotion, and ultimately connecting form to function. 

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Our highly modifiable products provide choices for multi-functional hotels. Illuminate comfort with high-performance, high-color lighting solutions.

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Match lighting with the needs of any business to form a highly functional, flexible, and beautiful place to work.

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Industry Agnostic

Across the nation, brilliant spaces are lit with Luminii from hospitality to financial institutions. Whether it's a luxury hotel, a romantic restaurant, or a fine art museum, we have the ideal lighting product for every unique space.


Delight dining guests with high-color lighting that's modifiable to capture the ideal mood, from casual happy hour to romantic dinners.

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With high-color, high-performance lighting that provokes energy, comfort, and joy, guests won't ever want to leave.

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Brilliant works of art deserve the best in lighting. Our high-color, high-efficacy products will meet the needs of artists and curators alike, by delivering creativity and perfection.

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With highly modifiable products, we provide a range of lighting to fit the function of every room in a home.

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