LineLED DW36 Dynamic white (437 lm/ft)

The LineLED DW36 is a small profile and high output light strip. It is easily installed within discrete aluminum extrusions with multiple mounting options. The durable but flexible circuit board and multiple connector options enable the extension of the light strip and the perfect fit for every application. 

Power consumption: 4.0 w/ft

Light output for 2200K-3000K: 165 lm/ft (22K), 220 lm/ft (30K), & 382 lm/ft (27K all on)

Light output for 2700K-4100K209 lm/ft (27K), 232 lm/ft (41K), & 437 lm/ft (35K all on)

Light output for 2700K-6000K: 204 lm/ft (27K), 218 lm/ft (60K), & 419 lm/ft (40K all on)​

Operating voltage: 24 VDC

Color temperature: 2200K-3000K, 2700K-4100K, or 2700K-6000K