This Is Luminii

Luminii is a specification-grade, architectural LED lighting manufacturer that delivers simple lighting solutions from product innovation to installation. Whether you're an architect, designer or contractor, we're committed to delivering the best in premium lighting products.

Choose Brilliance

Featuring a wide range of high-color and high-efficacy products, Luminii’s family of LED lighting solutions are designed to capture the unique characteristics of a space. Bringing a thoughtful and one-of-a kind approach to everything we design; all our products are highly modifiable to ensure the perfect fit every time.

From Innovation to Specification

As practitioners of light, we believe every detail matters; from the highest color quality to achieving efficacious systems and solutions, we’re committed to designing and delivering the very best lighting products in the industry -- helping our valued customers realize the full potential of what illumination should be and how it should be experienced.

The Luminii Experience

Luminii High Performance Lighting Products

We offer a wide range of high-performance, high-color specification-grade lighting products to enhance the built environment.

Luminii Quickandresponsive Icon Thin

Rest assured our made-to-order, benchmade lighting products will get to the job site quickly. 

Luminii Highly Modifiable

Our benchmade products are highly modifiable to fit the unique vision of a space, including length, color temp, beam spread, and finishing.

Luminii Peace Of Mind

Our team is dedicated to providing an outstanding Luminii experience from innovation to installation. 

Simple Installation Icon Luminii

We simplify installation with factory shop drawings and detailed labeling prior to shipping. 

For further peace of mind, review the details of our Sales Terms and Conditions.